Caxton is a collection of blocks that help you
make awesome WordPress pages

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Full width rows

With the Caxton Layout Block you can create full width rows.

Nested Columns

Add a row and then add columns underneath. Create spans, and add blocks within the sections you create.

Background images and colors

Add background images to rows.

Add Gradient Backgrounds

Choose 2 colors to create elegant Gradient backgrounds to your rows.

Overlay colors

Add overlay colors and change their opacity to make your text pop.

Column gap

Adjust the gutter size between columns.

Fully responsive

All layouts are responsive ‘out of the box’.

Mobile layouts

If you need extra mobile layout control you can set specific layouts for Desktop, Tablet and Phone

Section backgrounds

Add backgrounds to rows, columns and sections.

Margin and padding

Set specific padding for rows, columns and sections

Content position

Precisely set the position of your content within Blocks using padding.

Awesome Blocks

Caxton contains a growing library of awesome blocks.

Layout Block

The layout Block is the powerhouse behind Caxton. Create any layout you like.

Shape Divider Block

The Shape Divider Block makes it easy to create beautiful transitions between your Blocks.

Posts Grid Block

Add posts and filter by category. Customize the layout, change the featured image dimensions, add borders, add excerpts and more.

Slider Block

Easily add photo sliders that animate

Button Block

Create stand out buttons

Typography Block

Change font, font size, letter space, line spacing, font color, font style.

Call to action block

Create a compelling call to action, with customizable buttons.

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